About Us

Global Leaders in Procurement and Freight​

22 years of Procurement and Logistics​

Chavda International (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1999, as a supplier of mining equipment and services into Africa, predominantly dedicated to the Angolan market, it gave us the opportunity to gain experience in various fields.

The company has now expanded into various other African countries, namely Mozambique, Ghana, Guinea, Zambia, Zimbabwe and are currently targeting many other Sub Saharan Countries.

Areas of Service​


A specialized team with experience in the mining industry, which allows us to offer comprehensive and efficient solutions with high standards of safety and quality. We build trust with our clients with simple solutions to complex logistic challenges.


Our expertise in construction projects has allowed us to have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of our customers and to develop a sense of urgency and precision in our team to meet the requirements that the industry demands.


Safety is especially important in Oil & Gas supply chains. Chavda can assist you in every step of the process, thanks to our tailored services: from the safe and efficient transportation of oil & gas products, into Africa.


Our strategic partnership with manufacturing, we will source procure and shipping any Agricultural and farming equipment at the best price in to Africa.


Regulatory, safety and security compliance, and dedicated solutions to maintain product integrity during transportation.


Chavda logistics offers customized transport and integrated logistics solutions for the Healthcare industry, following the highest quality and service standards that the management of medical/pharmaceutical products supply chain requires.

“To be the leading supplier and freight specialist in mining, construction, petrochemicals, agriculture and allied industry in Africa.”

Diversified from catering to the mining industry into the construction, agricultural and the petro chemical industries. Specialize in sourcing all types of products. Everything from perishables to non-perishables, mining, construction, agricultural and petro chemicals, wide range of products and services.

Driving force in the freight & logisitcs industry

Chavda International has emerged from humble
beginnings and is a driving force in the freight
industry. We attribute this success to our
commitment to maximum efficiency and
personalised service.

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